Why Collin County investments are earning big profit.


Collin County is home to the intricately woven Plano-Richardson-Carrollton metroplex. As a charming blend of country and cosmopolitan, Collin County is proud to be the home of diverse college campuses, thriving businesses, a small-town heart, and rich heritage. The community is proudly considered home for over 782,000 people and is promising to open its arms to even more.

First in growth, second to none.

As the 63rd largest populated County in the United States, Collin county has a lot to brag about. Home to over 3% of the total population of Texas, Collin County has seen an impressive increase of of new residents, and rolls out the welcome mat for an average of one-hundred people per day. With substantial opportunity for any lifestyle, it’s no surprise that this amazing growth isn’t expected to let up any time soon. The Texas Data Center estimates Collin County’s population will more than double by the year 2040, and will continue to grow with a population of 1.4 million in 2020, and 2 million by 2030.

A prosperous blend of education and professional lifestyle.

Collin County may be in the shadow of neighboring Dallas and Tarrant counties, but thriving businesses and an impressive job market are quickly putting Collin County in the spotlight. The County’s close proximity to the Dallas metroplex provides well-educated, working professionals a chance to live outside the city, but still enjoy urban conveniences and a big-city paycheck. Research shows from 2008 to 2015, more than 74,000 jobs were added to the civilian labor force in Collin County for a 20% increase in employment. This notable rise in employment, combined with the resident per capita income of just under $100,000, impressively ranks Collin County 33% higher than the national income average.

Collin County doesn’t just receive a steady supply of educated people, they train them. The community is proud of their many school campuses and exceptional programs for their residents’ education. In fact, Forbes Magazine’s “Best and Worst School Districts for Taxpayer’s Money” ranked the schools in Collin County as second in the nation. Among the many recognized preschool, elementary, and high schools, a brand new campus has been built for residents to continue their education. Collin College’s Higher Education Center has built a new facility, and is proud to offer higher education courses and programs for the first time. Without travelling too far from home, students can pursue their passions and earn an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree.

Available real estate in Collin County is lacking. You’re the solution.

Collin County has something for everyone, and is alive with a unique blend of slow-paced rural tradition, and hip, urban living. This diverse environment is a great basis for businesses to thrive and residents to enjoy, so it’s no surprise that development is soaring. While the county-wide expansion is welcomed by most residents, the strain on available residence is being felt more and more each day. Development in Collin County is soaring to keep up with the demand of housing, but even Texas will run out of open land for construction sooner or later. As the amount of building space tightens in Collin County, the renovation of investment properties is being sought as the best housing resource, and this is where you come in.

Invest in Collin County and put that profit in your pocket.

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