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Elevating the Real Estate Scene: The New Western Approach


At New Western, we’re all about pushing boundaries in real estate, not only for our investors but in crafting a workplace where the voice of every one of our team members matters, where everyone has the opportunity for their ideas to drive innovation, and for our collective efforts to shape the industry. Bagging our third U.S.  Glassdoor Best Place to Work title in five years isn’t just a win; it’s proof that we’re building something different here—where every team member has the platform to innovate and excel in the world of investment real estate.

A Legacy of Distinction

New Western’s vibe on Glassdoor’s list isn’t just about bragging rights—it’s real proof of our commitment to creating a workspace that’s more than just a day job. It’s about kick-starting careers that genuinely transform lives. This repeat recognition? It’s all about how we’re dedicated to not just attracting but keeping the brightest by offering careers that really make a difference.

More Than Transactions: A Community of Success

At New Western, it’s all about blending the grind with the great times, crafting a space that’s way more than just deals and dollars. As one of our Acquisition agents from our St. Louis office recently shared in their Glassdoor review, “Amazing work environment. Management is always there to assist or help you whenever you need it. I feel that I learned more about real estate in my first 3 months than a typical retail agent would learn in their first full year.”

Picture each of our locations as the ultimate hangout spot for real estate pros: where the vibe’s so good, it feels like hitting up your favorite spot with friends who all help each other succeed. Our crew’s not just raking in serious cash but also loving every minute of it. This mix of fun, work, and wins makes life at New Western the place to be for a career that’s as rewarding as it is cool. 

Leveling Up: The New Western High-Performance Playbook

At New Western, the vibe is all about smashing goals and personal breakthroughs. It’s fast-paced, super supportive, and designed to turbocharge your growth in real estate. This isn’t just about earning big—it’s where your ambition and hard work turn into real success and satisfaction. Our crew’s Glassdoor reviews, like one from a young agent from Coppell, Texas who’s already out-earning their entire circle, spotlight the massive opportunity delivered here. “This job is like Disneyland. You will make the most money you have ever made in your life if you choose to work hard. I am 22 and this job has made me richer than my parents and all of my friends combined in only 2 years of working here.Stop looking for other jobs and Apply to work here.” 

It’s clear: life at New Western is where your potential for growth, particularly as a real estate agent, is unleashed and ambitions become achievements.

Team Vibes & Game Changers at New Western

At New Western, we’re all about hitting that sweet spot where teamwork meets innovation. It’s about everyone vibing together, pushing the envelope, and making real estate investment something exciting and new. We’re not just in the game; we’re redefining it, encouraging every one of us to think big, challenge norms, and explore what’s truly possible in our industry. 

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword here—it’s our strategy for tackling challenges head-on, whether they’re in the way of our clients or our agents. We’re all about breaking down barriers with creative solutions, working together as a united front to redefine the real estate investment game. This culture of collaboration and problem-solving drives us, and it’s how we’re revitalizing neighborhoods and building wealth for individuals across the country. 

In our crew at New Western, it’s all about lifting each other up, a real game-changer in a world where it’s usually every person for themselves. Our agents rave about this team spirit, where having each other’s back is the norm, making the competitive real estate arena feel more like a team sport than a solo race.  We also invest deeply in making learning flexible and accessible for everyone.  Our New Western University offers up-to-date and on-demand learning content to help our team members’ skills stay sharp.Team call nights and challenges add a fun twist to even the most routine business-building tasks.  

Redefining Success: Life at New Western

All of these reasons contribute to our snagging a spot on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list for the third time in five years. Ultimately, it proves we’re more than just a leading name in real estate investment. For us, it’s about creating a vibe where work feels like an adventure, offering endless chances for financial wins and career growth. If you’re ready to level up in this industry, with our agents closing over 7x more deals than traditional real estate, life at New Western is where you want to be. Dive into a culture known for making it happen through hard work, innovation and success, and see just how far you can go. You can learn more about the opportunities we deliver at Life at NewWestern.com.  Want to know how to start your epic journey with us? It’s easy: 

  • Head over to our Careers site and learn more about life at New Western.  (Pro tip: Our FAQs got answers to all your pressing REI agent questions)
  • Hit up our open career opportunities. New to the game? Check out the Disposition Agent gig. Seasoned pros can aim for Disposition or Acquisition roles.
  • License on your to-do list? Swing by our licensing guide to nail down your state’s specs. Apply, and we’ll line you up with top-notch deals for your prep.
  • Amp up for your interview with a deep dive into life at New Western. Our career site, YouTube channel, and Glassdoor pages are treasure troves of insights and success tips. 
  • Interview time’s your spotlight. Whether it’s a virtual meet-up, a call, or shadowing us live, grill us with your toughest questions. This gig’s rewarding but demands your all – make sure it vibes with your goals. 
  • Stay sharp – remember why you’re making this leap. Whether it’s chasing that license or shifting from another real estate niche, keep your ‘why’ in clear view. Sure, change can be daunting, but it’s also where the magic happens. Stick with it, and we’ll unlock doors to success together.

Can’t wait to see you on board and crush it together.

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