Investors, Listen UP: Fort Worth Real Estate Is A Big Deal.

Investors, Listen UP: Fort Worth Real Estate Is A Big Deal.

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Due to steady success in economy and employment, there seems to be no end in sight for growth in the Fort Worth, Texas. The famed major metropolis has a population just under 5-million, but by the year 2030, the area is projected to have grown by an incredible 35.51%.

New residents have rapidly been making a move to Ft. Worth, and, needless to say, for such a boom to happen so quickly, the stress has turned up on an already overheated housing market. Accommodation and rent costs are on the rise, and, as Fort Worth continues to attract new residents, there will be a decrease in available homes, and with that, so goes affordability.

Worth-it Investments for Ft. Worth Investors.

Why you should be paying attention to Fort Worth Real Estate market.

While the progression of the population does seem positive, there has been an economic stormraging through the Fort Worth area, and it is on-track to pick up power. Fort Worth is one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation, but also has some of the nation’s highest home prices; prices that have already increased almost 10% since last year, and inventory has decreased by 13%. While Fort Worth is in the midst of a population boom, The prices for Fort Worth homes are a reflection of a high demand for housing that is not being met with supply.

The importance of investors, of course, is to ensure Fort Worth has adequately planned for the future by remaining an affordable and desirable place to live. Inventory is insufficient, and home prices are now at pre-recession numbers that have not been seen since 2007. Analysts are predicting that nationwide home prices will continue to rise by 5.3 percent in the coming year, but Ft. Worth, which has already increased far beyond the national gain of 5.9 percent, could be driven into nearly double-digits.

Propulation booms lead to housing demand, and Ft. Worth needs supply.

While those Fort Worth residents with a median income can keep up with the rising tide of home prices, those with mid-lower incomes are struggling with restriction. It is not just about mortgages, either. Rental rates have far outpaced wages, and those who are unable to keep up with such price surges are left feeling the sting.

However, there is an upside; one that could be the much-needed solution to this imbalance and skyrocketing home prices. Investors who buy damaged or foreclosed homes in Fort Worth, rehabilitate them, then sell or rent the home to tenants, could be the answer.

Invest in Ft. Worth, you'll not only make an impact, you'll make profit

To invest in Fort Worth real estate is to increase inventory supply, and New Western Acquisitions holds the key to this conquest. This unmet demand for housing and a shortage of affordable residential homes has put real estate investors in Ft. Worth in the perfect place to profit, and New Western, a real estate brokerage firm, is poised to help investors take on the current market, no matter how tremendous and tumultuous it may seem.

By encouraging investments in off-market properties and providing deep discounts, New Western Acquisitions’ goal is to increase investor profit, meet demand for homes, and accommodate consumers who are searching for housing within budget.To provide an adequate supply of updated, affordable homes, the real estate brokerage firm gives real estate investors access to off-market investment properties that can earn a wide profit margin. New Western’s low property prices and exclusive discounts are meant to benefit investors with significant profit when they fix and flip, or fix and rent, their property investment.

The Data on Fort Worth Real Estate

Market Health Index: 9.8/10 Very Healthy 

Home Value Forecast (September 2017): 6.1% Increase ↑

Inventory Change (Year-over-year): 13.1% Decrease ↓

Fort Worth Population Data:

Population in 2016: 4,718,900

Projected Population in 2030: 35.51% Growth

Median Household Income: $61,510

Income Per Capita: $28,555

Cost of Living Compared to U.S. Average: 8.4% Above

Fort Worth Market Data:

Home Value (Year-over-year): 11.9% Increase

Home Sales (Year-over-year): 16.2% Increase

Home Value Forecast (September 2017): 6.1% Increase

Inventory Change (Year-over-year): 13.1% Decrease

Median Home Value: $196,200

Median Home Price: $189,000

Average Home Price Per Square Ft. (Metro):  $122

Home Price Change (Year-over-year):15% Increase

Median Rent Price: $1,550

Rental Price Change (Year-over-year): 4% Increase

Average Rent Per Square Ft.: $0.91

Noteworthy Numbers

766 – The population density of the Fort Worth-Fort Worth Metro (amount people per square mile).

2.79 – The average number of individuals per household.

18% – The number of the population who have children, but are single.

38% – The number of the population who are married, and have kids.

Will Ft. Worth Be Your Next Investment?

Fort Worth is proving to be one of the most successful metro areas for real estate investment, and right now is prime-time to jump into the profit pool. With New Western, you’ll have an exclusive pick of discounted Fort Worth investment properties that are pre-screened to provide a high ARV and aren’t made public on the MLS. 

If you’re ready to profit off an investment in Fort Worth real estate, and help answer the demand for available housing, start your search of New Western’s off-market investment properties in Fort Worth.

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