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Are We Headed for a Crash? Plus 14 Questions to Ask Your GC and the Best Counties for Single-Family Rentals


Are We In a Housing Bubble? Will the Housing Market Crash in 2021?

Everyone in real estate is all too aware of the severe housing shortage. High buyer demand butting up against a lack of homes for sale is fueling record-high prices and cutthroat competition. The big question is does that spell a housing market crash in our future? Redfin took a look at what leads to a housing bubble and what the experts are saying about today’s red-hot market.

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14 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a General Contractor

Every real estate investor knows hiring the right contractor can make or break your deal. Find a good one, and you need to protect that relationship at all costs. Hire a dishonest or incompetent contractor, and you’ll quickly see your profits disappear. Check out this recent BiggerPockets post for advice on how to find and hire a contractor who will be an asset to your team.

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March Data: Rents Grow Faster for the First Time in Eight Months

Realtor.com shared the median rent and percentage change year-over-year for the 50 largest metropolitan areas in their latest March rental data report. Rents across the country’s largest markets are poised to rise at a quickening pace with March marking the first time rents have sped up in the past eight months.

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Zillow Says Millions Will Enter Housing Market in 2021

More than 1 in 10 Americans reported moving in the past 12 months, according to a recent Zillow survey. What’s more, with COVID-19 vaccines circulating and the economy slowly regaining strength, Zillow researchers say millions of additional households could enter the housing market in 2021. See what else the research shows.

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The Best Counties for Buying Single-Family Rentals in 2021

ATTOM Data Solutions analyzed single-family rental data for 495 counties across the nation. Take a look at their interactive map to see the rankings, annual gross rental yield, and median sales price in your market.

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Home Staging Helps Buyers Visualize, Homes Sell Faster

Not only does staging a home help buyers visualize the space better, it increased the amount buyers were willing to spend for a property according to the National Association of REALTORS® 2021 Profile of Home Staging report. See the impact staging could have on your next flip.

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