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Why Home Prices Are Rising, An Infographic of Housing Trends, and More Top News


Home Prices Are Still Rising During The Pandemic, Here’s Why

Although we’re seeing investor buying activity pick up as restrictions ease, some are still waiting for a big drop in prices. Interestingly, the data shows prices are actually set to go up due to a variety of factors at play. Take a look at the numbers and see why we think smart investors are poised to pivot and capitalize on the current climate.

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INFOGRAPHIC: NAR Economic Flash Survey Results Are In

The National Association of Realtors®️ asked more than 90,000 members about the impact of the coronavirus on their markets. We compiled some of the most interesting data and put it all into one graphic. Take a look to see how sellers feel about lowering prices (spoiler alert – they aren’t budging), when buyers plan to jump back into the market, and more.

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COVID-19: Trends in buyer and seller behavior - infographic

Wall Street Bets Virus Meltdown Gives Landlords A Chance To Grow

Performance of the largest home-rental companies points to a positive outlook for landlords. Earlier this week Fox Business reported there’s been an uptick in leasing activity in recent weeks and the country’s biggest single-family rental company, reported record occupancy of its roughly 80,000 houses and better-than-normal on-time rent payments in May — despite the pandemic.

“Investors will be able to breathe a deep sigh of relief,” Raymond James analysts wrote in a note to clients. “Residential rent collection results…have been far more resilient than initially feared, proving to be a steady ship in a sea of turmoil.” 

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Why Home Equity Is A Bright Spark In The Housing Market

The big question on investors’ minds these days is whether the record low unemployment will lead to a flood of foreclosures in the market. The folks at Keeping Current Matters don’t think that’s in the cards.

With 58.7% of homes sitting on at least 60% equity and 42% of homes mortgage-free, they argue homeowners are in a much better position than in 2008. 

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Buying In A Downturn

CNBC reports that although there’s been much turmoil in the early days of the outbreak, the property market, broadly speaking, has remained resilient. As of April, the median U.S. house price rose 8% year-over-year according to the article.

And real estate continues to rank as the top investment pick for the majority of Americans. Check out the article to see what they have to say about buying in a downturn.

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