How New Western Is Changing The Rental Market


The utilization of modern technology has provided speed, convenience, and unlimited possibilities to investors, homeowners, buyers and sellers of real estate. The real estate investment market has seen an influx in dmand for rental houses, and a significant amount of focus has been placed on property acquisitions to give investors an even greater chance to purchase investment rental homes for sale.

We are taking into account the history of the housing markett; we are acknowledging from where we have have come and the heights we have reached, now we are fixing our eyes upon harnessing the market and paving the way toward successful investments.

Supply and Demand of the Rental Market.

When it comes to demand and profitable outcome, significant attention is being paid to long-term investments and rentals, and for good reason. Turnkey investments are becoming a prevalent venture for investors, and the current state of the market has beneficial rental investments set to be the next advancement in the industry’s evolution.

The rental market has rebounded since the Recession, and, according to economic data released by CoreLogic and Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, there is a tilted rental market, an unmet demand for housing, and a shortage of affordable residential homes. In a follow-up article, Bloomberg demonstrated that this nationwide imbalance of supply and demand has forced home prices to skyrocket, and many potential first-time homeowners have resorted to renting property instead of buying. While landlords are indeed embracing the current state of the market, it is the tenants who are feeling the pressure.

This substantial home-price growth reflects numbers not seen since pre-recession 2007 and is likely due to low mortgage rates and a market supply that comes up short. Among the main cities reflected in CoreLogic’s data, Denver topped the list with property prices up 10.6 percent. In second place, Dallas’ home prices increased 9.3 percent, which brings North Texas rates up nearly 40 percent since the recession, growth that is more than twice the annual gain. In third place comes Boston’s home prices, which were up 8.2 percent.

The Importance of Real Estate Investing.

While renters with median income are keeping up with the rising tide, those with mid-lower incomes are especially restricted. CoreLogic’s studies also show that 26 percent of renters in the U.S. paid landlords at least half their income in 2014, and this number has been steadily increasing up to 20 percent since 2001. Rental rates have far outpaced wages, which, unfortunately, affects Americans who are unable to keep up with rising rental prices; many of whom are left little options in a tight market. Landlords are the ones who benefit from these circumstances, but those who invest in real estate are also set to profit while helping ease the situation for renters.

Investors who buy damaged or foreclosed homes, rehabilitate them, then sell or rent the home to tenants, are set to take advantage of the market. By encouraging investments and fostering investor profit, New Western Acquisitions aims to help meet the demand for homes, and also accommodate consumers who are searching for housing within budget. To provide an adequate supply of updated, affordable homes, the real estate brokerage firm gives real estate investors access to off-market investment properties that can earn a wide profit margin. New Western’s low property prices and exclusive discounts are meant to benefit investors with significant profit when they fix and flip, or fix and rent, their property investment.

The New Western Advantage.

We set ourselves apart in the real estate market with a unique brokerage style and high-tech resources that found their start in the midst of the 2008 Recession. The mission of New Western Acquisitions is to acquire and sell residential investment properties to those wanting to invest in real estate. in 2010, our growth began to equal 50 percent year-over-year. We have since expanded throughout markets coast-to-coast, and it is our business model and utilization of technological advancements that led to the purchase of ten-thousand single family homes–enough to equal over one-billion dollars in acquisitions. Today, New Western is considered one of the largest and most successful buyers and sellers of single-family investment properties nationwide.

At the core of our contribution to the future of real estate is our dedication to specialized data and cutting-edge technology. We are working with the current state of the rental market to provide investors a viable option to succeed in their investments. The speed and simplicity of our resources and the acquisitions we supply to investors have established our presence within the real estate market. By eliminating the need for traditional services and resources such as realtors or MLS, we hope to encourage investors to take advantage of rental demands, and, thereby, foster their success in this ever-changing market.

Invest with New Western and help meet rental market demand.

The current state of the market is set to benefit those investing in real estate help satisfy the demand. With New Western, you’ll have exclusive pick of investment properties that have been pre-screened to provide a high ARV, and have a head start on a fantastic profit. Since our properties aren’t made public on the MLS, you’ll have exclusive access to a personalized property list and discounted investment houses in your area.

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