New Western Continues Nationwide Expansion: 5 New Offices Announced

New Western Continues Nationwide Expansion: 5 New Offices Announced


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Today New Western announced our national expansion with plans to open five new offices in five different states. Four of the five additional offices will be located in new markets for the company.

Set to open this summer, the new offices will be located in:

  • Columbus, Ohio – first office in Ohio market
  • Greensboro, North Carolina – third office in the North Carolina market
  • Boston, Massachusetts – first office in Massachusetts market
  • Seattle, Washington – first office in Washington market
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – first office in Nevada market

“We are excited to announce our expansion into new and existing markets. Our team’s ability to find, acquire and sell residential properties has made our marketplace a very valuable resource,” said Kurt Carlton, co-founder and president, New Western. “Our accelerated growth will create welcome financial and economic opportunities within these communities. Additionally, these new offices will allow us to provide more support, create greater efficiencies in purchasing distressed houses, and better serve the sellers, agents and investors that work with us.” 

This announcement comes on the heels of New Western’s expansion in two of its existing markets, Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia in April and May of this year, respectively.

Through its exclusive marketplace, New Western provides real estate investors with an extensive inventory of off-market properties that are ideal to either fix-and-flip or fix-and-rent. The company combines valuable market insight, along with its proprietary platform to give real estate investors access to the largest private source of residential investment properties in the nation.

New Western delivers a property to a real estate investor every 20 minutes. Since its inception, New Western has attracted more than 75,000 investors and sold more than 30,000 properties.

New Western’s portfolio of companies include New Western, HomeGo and Sherman Bridge Lending. Together, the family of brands helps homeowners move on from difficult properties while providing opportunities for local real estate investors to invest in their communities.

Grow With New Western

If you’re interested in investing in one of our new markets, we’d love to connect you with a New Western agent. Our team does extensive research before determining which new markets to enter, so we believe there is a lot of opportunity available for investors in these new areas. Keep an eye out for additional new market announcements coming soon and send us a message here if you’re interested in investing in a new market.

As we expand our reach nation-wide, we’re also actively growing our team. If you’re looking for a long-term career path with the ability to help your community, we invite you to apply. Many of our most experienced agents and managers started their careers with nothing more than a willingness to learn and the drive to succeed. Those are the two major requirements to join our team. If you’re not already licensed, we can help.

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