Make Your Property Shine by Creating Great Curb Appeal


We’ve all seen them, those would-be gorgeous homes whose beauty is taken away because of the lack of landscaping and poor structural maintenance. First impressions are everything. A lack of curb appeal can spell disasters for investors. Fortunately, there are several simple, yet necessary ways that rehabbers can fix this all-too-common problem and add curb appeal to any home.

Create a Renovation Checklist

You may want to start by coming up with a checklist of all the things that you need to do and then estimate the cost of each item. Consider the basics: a new paint job, power washing the exterior and the porch, fixing or installing a new roof, painting or replacing the shutters, etc. After you have figured out what needs to be done to the exterior of the home itself, move on and take a look at the landscaping and other things such as the mail box and the drive way.

Improving Your Property’s Exterior

Let’s start with the exterior of the home. In order to figure out which main points of the house to focus on, think about how potential buyers will see the pictures of the listing online. Since the pictures online are fairly small, you need to start by figuring out which part of the house will take up the most space in the picture and begin from there. It seems so simple, but often times we simplify it so much that we overlook the most basic ways to improve the overall look of a home. Here’s a few ways to create a great exterior:

  • Upgrade the hardware. Things like outdated locks, and dingy house numbers are often overlooked but can become point of interest if updated.
  • Paint the front door. A bright, colorful door draws attention to a house. If you think about it, the front door is sort of the main focal point of the exterior of a house. An attractive front door adds massive curb appeal and gives a house more character.
  • Create symmetry. Creating symmetry is easy to do and pleasing to look at. You can create symmetry in all sorts of ways such as placing identical plants or light fixtures on each side of the front door; this will create an inviting feeling when potential buyers walk in the door.

The Landscape

Now let’s take a look at the landscaping. Studies show that a well-maintained landscape can increase the value of a house by up to 10 percent. So other than making sure the grass is green and the trees aren’t dead, what else can you do to improve the landscaping to make the house more attractive to potential buyers?

  • Add some color. Planting colorful flowers like tulips or morning glories can make a huge difference in the way people perceive the house.
  • Trim the bushes. Big overgrown bushes are distracting, unsightly and take away from the overall exterior of a home. Try adding a variety of different bushes and shrubs that are easy to maintain like the ones seen in the picture above.
  • Get new mulch. Adding new mulch to your beds makes everything around it pop by adding some extra color to enhance color contrast. Plus, it’s cheap and it looks great!

Great curb appeal is an important aspect to selling any house you invest in. Following these tips to creating great curb appeal will not only make your house look better but also increase the value and make potential buyers feel more at home.