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A New Tax Credit to Rehab Homes, Lumber Production on the Rise, and the Monthly Market Recap


Up, Up, Up: Is Relief in Sight for Home Prices?

Tight supply continues to have a strong effect on the housing market. Record low rates and record-high prices are fueling a frenzied pace for home buyers. Catch up on all the latest housing data in our monthly market recap.

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Home Rehab Tax Credit: A Win-Win for Investors and Homebuyers

The White House has just unveiled some very big news that may mean big business for real estate investors and homebuyers. As part of his trillion dollar infrastructure package, President Biden has officially announced the Neighborhood Homes Tax Credit to spur development and rehabilitation of affordable homes. Head over to the blog to get all the details.

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Airbnb Is Making Over 100 Changes: What Investors Need to Know

If you’re an investor with properties listed on the Airbnb platform, big changes are coming. The company just announced over 100 different updates to its platform and policies. Some are designed to make setting up and managing a property easier, while others allow for better host support, and even scheduled messaging. Get the full rundown on the Millionacres blog.

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The Typical Home Will Soon Turn 40

The U.S. housing stock is getting older. That spells opportunity for investors as older structures are often prime candidates for revitalization. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, More than half of owner-occupied homes were built prior to 1980 and about 38% were built before 1970.

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U.S. Movers are Reshuffling into Larger, More-Affordable Homes

Fast-rising home values and new location options helped movers cash in and find more affordable locales, according to a Zillow analysis of data from North American Van Lines. Check out the article to see the five markets with the most inbound movers and the five markets that saw the biggest exits.

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Southern Loggers Are Pushing Wood Production to a 13-year High

In April, the U.S. industrial wood production index hit 134.2, its highest level since December 2007. Sadly, the uptick in wood production hasn’t coincided with a reversal to pre-pandemic lumber prices. So what gives? Keep reading to find out.

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