New Western’s Success: We’re Growing, And Here to Stay.


New Western aims to bring investment opportunities to great metro areas nationwide, and we have been tirelessly expanding our horizons in other housing markets. This hard work has paid off, and we are proud to announce that New Western Acquisitions was recently awarded as the 6th fastest growing middle market company by the Dallas Business Journal!

In order to spread our reach coast-to-coast, New Western Acquisitions has been busy establishing our presence in new metro area markets, and our offices are premiering at a dizzying pace. Our goal is to provide real estate investors access to deeply discounted, off-market properties, and we have plans for even more office premieres across the country!

To celebrate our prestigious award as the Middle-Market top 50, we formally invite you to search our list of deeply discounted investment properties, and find even more ways to invest in your financial freedom.


On the right track for even more success.

Eight years ago, the growing number of home foreclosures that cropped up during the Great Recession gave rise to the unique brokerage style of New Western Acquisitions. And, even though the market has vastly changed, the demand we experience from investors has helped us quickly grow from our first office in Dallas. We now have 16 additional offices throughout the United States, reaching from Atlanta to Houston, from Florida to California!

This success is what led the Dallas Business Journal to award New Western as the sixth best growing middle market company, with the prestigious award given in a ceremony at the Ritz Carlton in July.

A great start for an even greater company.

New Western Acquisitions began in Dallas, TX with the mission provide real estate investors with a great shot at a profitable ROI. Our job is to acquire distressed homes to supply markets’ investors with discounted investment properties, and provide exclusivity with off-market properties. We set ourselves apart in the REI world with a unique brokerage style and high-tech resources to connect real estate investors with discounted distressed properties in their area.  

Two years after our founding in 2008, we began growing exponentially. With the premieres of new office locations in three more states this year, our goal is to establish our presence and bring great investment opportunities to even more investors. We have been working hard to put down our roots and become leaders in real estate markets across the country, and that hard work has been worthwhile. To date, we have acquired and taken title to enough single-family homes to rank as one of the largest, and most successful, home buyers and sellers of distressed investment properties nationwide.

We are reaching new heights, and want you to be a part!

New Western is set to take the world of real estate investment by storm, and we want you to be a part of our success! In honor of our recent award, we are inviting all investors to join in our success and invest in our new markets with even more exclusive, discounted New Western properties.

Our investment properties are part of a comprehensive list of properties that are not listed on MLS and are available at an exclusively discounted price. Be a part of the New Western story and generate your own property list!