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Tax Strategies, Inciting a Bidding War, and What The Stimulus Bill Means for Investors


5 Tax Strategies Investors Should Know

The IRS announced the deadline to file taxes has been postponed to May 17th this year due to the pandemic (and it’s been pushed even later in states like Texas that were affected by severe winter storms). If you haven’t already, getting your taxes squared away now will save you stress later. Read up on some essential tax strategies investors can use to their advantage.

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The 2021 Stimulus Bill & Real Estate Investors: What You Should Know

The $1.9 trillion America Rescue Plan was signed into law on Thursday, March 11. To help real estate investors understand the implications of the stimulus bill, the folks at BiggerPockets broke down the key provisions — and provided their analysis on the key takeaways every real estate investor should know.

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Which Features Helped Homes Sell For More Than Expected in 2020?

Luxury kitchens and bathrooms are pandemic must-haves according to a recent Zillow report. Zillow analyzed approximately 1.4 million closed home sales from 2020 to figure out which home features were mentioned in listings that sold for more than expected. Read on to see the top 10 features that sold for more and the top 10 features for a faster sale. 

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Economic Growth Likely to Accelerate, Housing Expected to Remain Resilient

Fannie Mae predicts home sales will be minimally affected by rising mortgage rates, though a big jump could pose a potential risk. In its most recent economic and housing outlook, Fannie Mae forecasts home sales this year will be 6.2 percent higher in 2021 than 2020, modestly lower than the prior forecast of 6.9 percent. Check out the article for an in-depth look at the March forecast.

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Incite a Bidding War: How to Get Multiple Offers on Your Home in 2021

Everybody knows supply is extremely low and if you’re about to put your flip on the market, you are happily listing in a seller’s market. But even in a market with more buyers than homes for sale, there’s no guarantee you’ll attract multiple offers. Redfin put together a few tips to help you attract as many interested buyers as possible.

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Tappable Equity Skyrockets to Record High in 2020

At the end of 2020, some 46 million homeowners held a total $7.3 trillion in tappable equity according to the Black Knight Home Price Index. That’s the largest amount ever recorded — an increase of more than $1.1 trillion (+18%) since the end of 2019. The growing equity is helping chip away at the number of borrowers who owe more on their mortgages than their home is worth, now down to just 1.45%.

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