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Dan Wallace
Lead Content Editor

Dan Wallace is a real estate enthusiast who believes in the power of hands-on experience. With a genuine passion for improving properties, he has taken on various DIY projects, bringing new life to spaces in need of attention.

Having successfully executed two house hacks and live-in flips, Dan's practical approach reflects his understanding of the real estate market and a keen eye for potential. His work in these areas shows a commitment to creating value through careful planning and diligent execution.

But Dan's interest in real estate investing doesn't stop at his own projects. For over four years, he has served as an editor of real estate investing content. This role has allowed him to share insights and guidance with others looking to explore the real estate investing landscape, encouraging them to take informed and thoughtful steps.

With a blend of hands-on experience and a supportive voice in the investing community, Dan Wallace offers a unique perspective on real estate. His approachable and down-to-earth style makes him a relatable figure for anyone interested in exploring the world of real estate investment.

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