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Evette Zalvino
Real Estate Author

Evette might describe herself as just an average HGTV fan, but her passion for beautiful homes and the real estate world reveals something special. Dreaming of a home that could grace the screens of her favorite shows, Evette channels her enthusiasm into her writing for New Western and her work at her local real estate office.

Balancing a love for both the artistic and practical aspects of real estate, Evette finds joy in exploring the endless possibilities that a home can offer. Whether it's penning an insightful article or helping clients find their dream space, she approaches her work with a genuine warmth and dedication that reflects her passion.

But Evette's interests stretch beyond the four walls of a home. In her downtime, she seeks adventure on the hiking trails that crisscross her area, finding inspiration and tranquility in nature. This love for the outdoors is more than a hobby; it's a testament to her appreciation for beauty, whether it's in a well-designed living room or a breathtaking mountain vista.

Evette's blend of real estate knowledge, creative inspiration, and love for nature makes her a unique voice in her field. Whether she's sharing her insights or exploring a new trail, her approach is always genuine, driven by a love for the world around her.

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