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Welcome to the New Western Acquisitions Investor Resource Center! From E-guides to educational videos, our resources are for all investors of all experience levels, designed to help you make the most out of your investments. Click on a resource to begin.

Find Properties

Get started with a search for local deep discount properties in your area. Build your portfolio with exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else.

Five Steps to REI

Learn the five crucial steps to successfully investing in real estate with this guide for new and aspiring investors.

Finding the Right Neighborhood

Learn how to find the right neighborhood to invest in with this market specific guide to selling and renting properties.

Full Time Investing Guide

Do you have what it takes to become a full time investor? Get the guide and start your new career path today!

Find Financing

Invest in multiple properties with low hard money financing for real estate investors. Rates as low as 7% - Get approved today!

Making Quick Decisions in REI

Sometimes a great opportunity requires fast action. Learn the steps to make the right call and protect your investment with this checklist.
Investors Cash Flow

Calculate My Cash Flow

Do you follow your current cash flow? See exactly where you place your finances today.
Investors Net Worth in Realty

Calculate Net Worth In Realty

Do you know how much your net worth in realty is? See what your projected net worth in realty is today.
Investors Saving for Retirement

Calculate Retirement Savings

Calculate how much you need to save now for retirement later.
Investors Become Millionaires

Calculate My Millionaire Status

Wanting to become a millionaire? Calculate how much you need to save now to reach millionaire status.
Investors Return on Real Estate Invesment

Calculate Return On My REI

Calculate the return on your real estate invesment today.
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