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Great company to deal with! Richard went the extra mile to secure a smooth transaction and keep communication with seller in every step and changes during the process!

Great company to have as an ally; with great capability to get your deal sold as they have a large surplus of buyers. Usually I try to be cautious when dealing with larger than life companies, as I know a lot of shady stuff can happen in the industry. But I must attest, working alongside of professionals such as Richard Lima (truly a class act) put my mind at ease. In spite of dealing with the stress and turmoil that comes with being new to the business, I felt entirely like I was in the right hands and as though I was working with competent people who could actually get my deal to the closing table. Richard has the confidence, the charisma and mental aptitude to help bring any deal to the finish line. I appreciate the honesty, integrity and reassurance he displayed to me during our partnership together. 10 times out of 10 I would work with Richard Lima again. A solid guy who will go the extra mile to ensure you are provided with nothing but value and clearly understand anything you may be uncertain of throughout the industry.