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The Vegas Strip, Raiders football, and expansive desert and mountain views–Las Vegas offers investors a wide range of unique-to-Vegas investment opportunities. Heavily reliant on tourism and entertainment, Las Vegas has a steady job market that attracts new residents and vacationers. There are slightly more owner occupied homes in Las Vegas but there is strong demand for short and long term rentals.

Nevada has no state income tax and offers a variety of neighborhoods with single-family homes in suburbs, condos near tourist attractions, or multi-unit buildings for higher rental income.
Vegas is in a constant shift with new resorts, restaurants and shows emerging but the beauty of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Lake Mead are a draw for hikers, climbers and scenic drives. Beyond the hotels and casinos, the economy draws long term residents looking to work for Zappos and Amazon or to attend the 17 colleges in and around Las Vegas.

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New Western is a real estate investment marketplace with exclusive inventory for investors, a solution for sellers, and a tool for agents and brokers. Our office is located right off the north part of the Strip, across from the Wynn Golf Club off of Sands Ave. at 3753 Howard Hughes Parkway, Unit 200, Las Vegas, NV 89169. Reach out if you are an investor looking to buy a property, a homeowner who needs to sell, or a real estate agent with a difficult listing in the Henderson, North Las Vegas or greater Las Vegas area. We are licensed agents and experts in your market. We’ve got the largest private source of investment properties in the nation—call us to see what deals we have in the greater Las Vegas area.

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We buy and sell a property every 13 minutes for over 200,000 investors looking for rehabs to fix-and-flip or fix-and-rent in our marketplace. We are adding new properties in the Las Vegas, NV area daily. Join the New Western marketplace and locate your next investment opportunity in Las Vegas, NV.

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Previously Sold Properties

a house with a lot of trees in front of itBoulder City, NV
Purchase Price: $315,000.00
a house with a car parked in front of itLas Vegas, NV
Purchase Price: $179,900.00
a couple of trucks parked in front of a houseLas Vegas, NV
Purchase Price: $110,000.00
Resold Price: $175,000.00

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Macario E.
San Antonio, TX

New Western gave me an opportunity to buy property on Day One and now, because of them, I quit my job and became a successful, full-time investor. It’s changed my life. And now I’m able to control my life and work for myself. I built a team around me and a name that I stand behind now. But it all started with New Western.


How do I gain access to your inventory?

After an initial virtual or in-person onboarding meeting, you will have access to our vast inventory of properties. The New Western agent will explain in detail how our properties are sold and how the transactions will be structured during that initial meeting.

Why do I need to have a call with a New Western agent to get access to the buyer's list?

A New Western agent is involved in the entire transaction process from search to executing contracts and closing. To get the most out of your search for a deal, we need to know what type of properties, neighborhoods, and local markets you’re interested in and your investment goals and strategies.

Can I use traditional bank financing to purchase your properties?

New Western inventory can’t typically be purchased using traditional bank financing due to the condition of the property, the timeline of closing, and the overall structure of the transaction. These properties need to be purchased with cash or a lending program specifically designed for rehab purposes, such as a hard money loan or private financing. Check with the local agent for approved financial options.

Can you use a rehab loan to purchase a property?

Certain ones, yes. You can use a hard money loan to purchase our properties. Check with a local agent for approved financial options.

Does New Western provide financing?

No, New Western does not provide financing. However, we can easily connect you with numerous lenders on Sherman Bridge, a lending marketplace partner that will guide you through the process of selecting the best lender to suit your investment strategies.

How much cash do I need to buy a house?

It depends. Factors that influence how much cash you need include the market, the lender and the degree of work the distressed property requires. Investors need a down payment to purchase the property, money left in reserve for carrying costs (like interest, taxes and insurance) and enough capital to repair the property.

Do I need a real estate agent involved to purchase your properties?

No, you don’t need a licensed agent to purchase a property from us.. However, you are free to employ a third-party agent to represent you (at your cost) if you choose.

Get access to our curated inventory of investor friendly properties

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