Brian Ojwok


I am hardly one to ever pen a review about someone but I feel Gabe Long from the NWA -Atlanta office is worth his value in gold. Gabe is the sole reason I have bought multiple properties from NWA. He has consistently gone the extra mile to look out for the best deals as they arrive (and even before). He has an astounding understanding of metro Atlanta and the best areas to invest and I’ve found his deal analyses to be accurate & always in line with my best interests. You will find Gabe to be invaluable throughout the entire process from locating your property deal to your close. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say this guy is a one-stop shop for everything fix’n flip or buy and hold. Not only has he helped me find the most competitive lenders out there but he will go further to ensure he has advocated the best terms for me and consistently helped ensure a timely closing. I won’t talk about how he has helped me source contractors and followed up during the rehab phase and seen me through to sale. This guy is an all rounder! In my many years of real estate investing, I have rarely met someone who has proved to have a vested interest in my success as I have Gabe. I highly recommend him! Well Done.