Christopher Bidwell


I have been doing business with New Western Acquisitions (Marietta) for only two months and have purchased two properties from them during this period. I am completely pleased with the organization in ever way. The company with whom I am affiliated purchases primarily single family residences, performs all necessary renovations, and places them into inventory as long-term rentals… and New Western Acquisitions has been a meaningful contributor to our efforts. I have been working almost exclusively with Mr. Mackie Snell, Sales Agent. Mackie consistently goes out of his way to bring me a continuous stream of strong property candidates and his follow-through is excellent. He is knowledgeable, thorough, and helpful, and he flawlessly fulfills every committment on schedule, if not early. Mackie and the entire NWA team have conducted all aspects of our business transactions, from initial presentation of a large volume of potential acquisition targets, through showings to closings, in an organized, professional, supportive and friendly manner. They are a pleasure to do business with and I look forward to a long, enjoyable and rewarding relationship.