David K.


As an investor its really difficult finding deals that fit within our margins. Your network is absolutely your net worth in this business, and new western has added a ton of value. I have purchased from new western a few times, not all their deals are great but they do have some good ones some times. Most of their deals are off market. And If you do find something you like, you have to act fast and have the balls to pull the trigger on the spot some times. Be aware that buyer pays for all closing costs. Also every deal is different, as most of these sellers are confused how a wholesale deal works, and it’s very important to have an experienced representative on your side. I work with Amir, and he discloses everything about the situation of the deal before we view it. It’s not just Amir, there are a lot of good people at new western and they are always willing to help even after you purchase your deal. They really understand the concept of repeat business and are always offering to help with their network of contacts such as a lenders, contractors and etc.