Kelly Ann Dosdall


As a Real Estate agent myself and purchasing homes off market, I was a little bit skeptical about working with organized wholesalers. I have changed my mind completely after working with David Serna at New Western. New Western has been very transparent and easy to deal with. I get tons of chances to look at a prospective investments every day. You just need to do your own research on top and make smart choices. I have added them to my investment business as a reliable professional resource and they are my first choice because they run a tight ship. I even sometimes call them with prospective leads and they run their numbers tightly and try to give people a great deal or they pass….I can vouch for that. David Serna was so great! He answered all my texts and emails in a timely manner and most important- He is on time and early to appointments with the properties. The last thing you want to be is late. He is a go getter with a tremendous career ahead of him. Thanks David and New Western!