Kristopher Do


Brian Grajek Is awesome! He really broke down the buying process when buying a whole sale transaction, he went out of way to help me secure my first one. Let me tell you my story. It was 143 W Hill Ave. I got the emails as usual. Came out, there were 20 people that came through and 3 wanted this house. Who ever provided the deposit first, gets the home. That day I had my baby Ultra Sound Appointment that I couldn’t cancel. So I hurried to the Bank which was 5 miles aways. Once there, Brian called and told me the Update that someone will put an offer in too. So he went out of his way to come meet me. We signed the Contract and delivered the deposit check on the spot in the bank with in 20 mins. Off I went to attend my family affairs. While at the hospital 1-2 hour later, he texted me that another offer came in and he ask if I wanted to put another 5k to get the house and try to secure the house. I had to think about it because I wanted to make sure the margin will be ok. I wasn’t willing to go higher, so Brian worked with he got and got me the house. He really pushed this through for my family! Through out the escrow process, he would check in to make sure I was on time and that the seller will deliver the home vacant. We closed escrow and I took possession of the property and started the rehab.