Linda V.


My experience with New Western in Austin has been first-rate. I just moved here from Houston and I have to say RE investing without your contacts and crews is tough for anyone in a new city but working with Nic put me at ease. He is highly knowledgeable about all areas in Austin and he took the time to find out exactly where I was in my investing career, didn’t try to just shove properties at me. With his guidance I was able to structure an investment plan to begin my new portfolio based on my assets and areas of interest. New Westerns Inventory is Quality and the assessment packets are pretty on point (*I’m a seasoned Realtor and always double check to verify all info bc accurate comps are a MUST*). Whether your a flipper just starting out or a seasoned investor looking for Buy-n-holds in an up and coming area. Call Nicolas Ossa he will have your back and will not steer you wrong.