Rao T.


Every body behaves and pretends great personalities until you need to handle tough situations and required go above and beyond. This guy Nicolas is such a true example of such great personalities whom you need when you think you need one genuine personality when you wanna close one home with new western. I know Nicolas for almost 6 months but only closed one home just recently. We hit several tough situations to close few homes but he was showing at most patience all along and made us feel like we are his premium customers even though we didn’t gave him any business. We are so glad at last we close one deal with him recently and sure will close more. Genuinely thank full for his help all along while analyzing the rehab costs, analyzing comps, walk through with our contractors and brain storm with them on behalf of us etc list goes forever. Act like almost one of our team member. He got really unlimited patience and never gave up in providing service until you feel comfortable. Hope to close more homes with him and will continue working with him. If any one wanna need to discuss more, I am happy to jump on a call and discuss more.