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Previously Sold Investment Properties

a small white house sitting in the middle of a lush green yardAldan, PA
Purchase Price: $165,000.00
Resold Price: $275,000.00
a black truck parked in front of a white houseAldan, PA
Purchase Price: $179,000.00
Resold Price: $320,000.00
a house with a mailbox in front of itAlvin, TX
Purchase Price: $115,000.00
Resold Price: $180,000.00
a house with a car parked in front of itAntioch, TN
Purchase Price: $228,000.00
Resold Price: $360,000.00
a brick mailbox sitting in the middle of a yardArlington, TX
Purchase Price: $265,000.00
Resold Price: $420,000.00
a red truck parked in front of a houseArlington, TX
Purchase Price: $106,000.00
Resold Price: $195,000.00
a sidewalk in front of a large buildingArlington, VA
Purchase Price: $155,000.00
a red brick house in a wooded areaAtlanta, GA
Purchase Price: $129,075.00
Resold Price: $245,000.00
a small white house with a red awningAtlanta, GA
Purchase Price: $150,000.00
Resold Price: $340,000.00
a blue house with a tree in front of itAustin, TX
Purchase Price: $126,000.00
Resold Price: $220,000.00
a house in the woods with trees around itBailey, CO
Purchase Price: $170,599.00
Resold Price: $325,000.00
a bike is parked in front of a houseBala Cynwyd, PA
Purchase Price: $301,000.00
Resold Price: $600,000.00
a blue house with a white picket fenceSan Antonio, TX
Purchase Price: $227,900.00
Resold Price: $465,000.00
a small white house sitting on top of a grass covered fieldBartlett, TX
Purchase Price: $151,777.00
Resold Price: $235,000.00
a small white house sitting on the side of a roadBelmont, NC
Purchase Price: $193,000.00
Resold Price: $310,000.00
a house with a driveway in front of itBenbrook, TX
Purchase Price: $168,000.00
Resold Price: $260,000.00
a white house sitting on top of a lush green fieldBerlin, MA
Purchase Price: $260,000.00
Resold Price: $445,000.00
a brick house with a front porch and stairs leading up to the front doorBessemer, AL
Purchase Price: $127,500.00

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Finding the right investment property can be a challenge. As a real estate investment brokerage, New Western offers a vast inventory of value-rich properties for a variety of investment strategies.

Less Hassle

We provide easy access to opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise. We also work behind the scenes to eliminate problems, deliver a clear title and provide a fast, seamless process to close.

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A licensed New Western agent will work hard to deliver the type of residential investment properties that meet your unique goals, plans and exit strategy. We’re here to help every step of the way through closing.

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Our agents serve as your boots on the ground, drawing on a wide array of data and unmatched knowledge of the local market and surrounding area to consistently source the best wholesale deals for you.

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When you join our exclusive buyers network, you gain access to incredible resources focused on finding the best residential investment properties in your market — delivered straight to your inbox.

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We buy a home every 13 minutes for our marketplace of over 150,000 investors who are actively looking to rehab houses and find deals.

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Many companies charge a monthly membership fee to access their property lists. Not us.

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We have hundreds of licensed agents around the country ready to help you find the perfect investment property. 

Here's How It Works

Step 1

Fill out our contact form and a New Western agent will call or email you within 48 hours to set up an initial no-obligation conversation.

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Schedule a virtual or in-person onboarding meeting with one of our agents to discuss your real estate investing goals and strategies as well as learn more about working with New Western.

Step 3

Start receiving property alerts for opportunities that match your criteria. When you find a property you’re interested in, work with your agent to acquire it.

We work hard behind the scenes to deliver a clear title and seamless closing experience.

Why Investors Love Wholesale Real Estate Deals

You know the saying; when it comes to investment properties, you make your money when you buy, not when you sell. But that’s easier said than done, as any real estate investor will tell you. 

It seems simple, right? The less you spend to buy an investment property, the greater the spread between your cost and its resale value after you work your magic. The greater the spread, the greater your potential return. 

But you know the catch. Not many investors have the time, desire, or money to drive for dollars, knock on doors, or spend thousands on mailers — all in the hopes of finding those hidden deals with untapped equity. You’re busy managing your other investment properties. And if investing is your side hustle, forget about it. You’ve got the demands of your day job to worry about.

That’s where wholesale real estate comes in. Securing an investment property at a wholesale price can mean the difference between a successful deal and a flop. A good wholesaler or investment real estate agent does all the legwork for you. They’ll find investor friendly investment properties that have a lot of potential value and pass those deals along to you. It’s all about finding the win-win for the seller and the investor. 

Everyone would rather sell their home for top dollar, but that’s not always a realistic option. When that isn’t possible, it usually comes down to one of two things. The homeowner would rather sell below market value than go through the trouble and expense to make their home ready to claim top dollar. Or, they need to sell quickly due to a tough situation, such as bankruptcy, divorce, inheritance, settlement, foreclosure, etc.

The win-win when you buy a wholesale real estate property is pretty straightforward. The investor wins by acquiring a high-potential investment property. But the seller wins too because they’ve unloaded an unwanted property quickly and they can move on. 

And that’s what we do at New Western. We create opportunity for homeowners wanting a new chapter and for investors striving for financial independence. 

As a real estate investor, you work with a dedicated agent who understands your goals and brings you investment properties in Seattle and the surrounding areas that meet your investment strategies.

We find motivated sellers and bring those value-rich, investor friendly deals to you. For more than 10 years, we’ve navigated the complicated and often messy transactions that tend to come with wholesale real estate deals. Now, you reap the rewards from our experience and lessons learned with a fast, seamless transaction and a clear title at closing.

Experiences From People Just Like You

We love working with Abel Herebia, he is very knowledgeable, professional, fast to reply to our questions and concerns. Highly recommend Abel. Also working with Ian Benedetti great team very approachable and friendly.

Hello I’m a new investor in the KCK area started working with new western about 3 weeks ago.my agent there was MR Dustin street I have to say with no doubt that this young men is going places in life very courteous attentive and above all a very respectful human being I would recommend Dustin Street for your new deals at New Western.Thank you for taking care of my needs..

I have been working with Caisen Sullivan for almost a year. He is responsive and extremely helpful. New Western is a great company for investors to partner with.

Have more questions? We have more answers.

What are the benefits of working with a real estate investment brokerage?

A good investor eventually uses several different sources to acquire investment properties. Working with New Western will increase the number of properties you can analyze in a local market at any given moment. In other words, we’re simply another source of inventory.

What type of investment properties does New Western sell?

It depends on the local market you’re interested in. While our primary business is single-family investment properties, several of our offices also offer land and multi-family investment opportunities. Contact your local office for details.

What are the benefits of buying a wholesale real estate deal?

A wholesale real estate deal is usually (but not always) off-market, meaning it isn’t listed on the MLS. The wholesaler has done the legwork to find an investment property that needs work and is owned by a seller who is motivated to sell below market value. Because these deals are usually unlisted, the investor doesn’t have to compete with traditional homeshoppers. And because these properties have room to add equity through rehab and repairs, there’s more potential profit for the real estate investor when they resell the property after renovations.

How can New Western help me as a real estate investor?

Richard and Mimi Bond, two of our investors, sat down with us to talk about their REI journey. They got their start wholesaling real estate properties before they started flipping houses and made real estate investing a full-time career. We asked them to tell us why they turned to New Western when they were already sourcing properties on their own.

“We sent out mailers, we did everything by hand,” Richard explained. “Our kids were licking envelopes and we were putting stamps on envelopes and sending them out. It was labor and time-intensive. We wanted to get that time back. The deals that come from New Western fit our criteria and that really helps.” 

But it wasn’t just the volume of deals that led Richard and Mimi to buy dozens of investment properties from New Western over the years. 

“We know that New Western is reliable,” adds Mimi. “New Western has been a great resource for deals and we know that everything will be done correctly and there won’t be any hiccups from the time we go under contract to closing. Everybody’s cordial, everything is open. Other wholesalers who are not that experienced can be kind of shady sometimes.”