Do Not Sell My Personal Information

For California Residents Only

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California residents have certain rights regarding the personal information that businesses can collect, use, maintain, and/or disclose. This includes the right to request access or deletion of your personal information, as well as the right to direct a business to stop selling your personal information.

New Western does not sell your personal information to third parties. Our Privacy Policy describes the limited circumstances in which we may share your information with third parties outside of New Western. This page has been provided to make it easier for you to understand and exercise your rights.

If you would like to exercise any of your other California Consumer Privacy Rights, you may:

    • Complete the Web Form Below
    • Call us at our CCPA Toll Free Number (866-782-3628)
    • Email us at [email protected]
    • Write to us at:

      New Western 
      Data Privacy/Compliance
      5000 Riverside Drive, Bldg. 5, Suite 100W, Irving, TX 75039