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New Western currently operates in 8 states, with 25 office locations and growing. These offices are the front lines for everything we do, and are supported by our national headquarters in Irving, Texas. If you think you're cut out for a career in the world of Investment Real Estate, this is where you'll find it.

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What can a career in Real Estate Investment with New Western Acquisitions offer you?

Self-Sustaining Career

"For eight years I was a practicing attorney, but tired of it and decided to pursue a fresh start where I could grow into a leadership role. After four years, I became a General Manager of New Western, and the fun, challenging environment is better than I could have imagined "
- Ian Fredrickson

Our agents close dozens more transactions in their first year than the average first-year Real Estate Agent, with experienced top agents closing
100+ deals annually.
Flexible Work Hours

"New Western understands everyone has different work styles, and you need flexibility in your schedule to achieve your goals. That’s why we give you full control over your timeline, your pace, and therefore, your efficiency."
- Nick Koren

We have opportunities all across the country. We have
22 local offices across 8 states,
with new locations opening frequently!
Opportunity for Limitless Earning Potential

“New Western associates earn close to $60,000 during their first year, and that doubles or triples the following year. Every minute spent in a New Western office equates directly to more income for that individual.”
- Soo Cho

Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated agents, New Western Acquisitions sold
2500 Properties
to investors across 2016.
A Fun, Positive, and Energetic Work Environment

“I could not ask for a better work environment and culture. I get to make money by simply following my passion and working with my best friends!”
- JD Castillo

A New Western Agent can earn
$60K in their first year
and double or triple that in their second.
Advancement Potential

“New Western's platform has allowed me to to take my investing career to extraordinary heights while helping thousands of investors achieve their goals in several markets around the US. I easily worked my way up through the ranks and had a blast doing it".
- Nate Cron


View Available Positions Nationwide