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The NEW way to

Buy Real Estate Investment Properties

Are you looking for wholesale investment properties to fix, flip or hold? New Western Acquisitions is a wholesale investment brokerage company, based in Dallas, Texas, that will work to build up your investment portfolio with only the best deals possible. And best of all, our services are at no cost to you! No finder’s fee, no monthly subscription, just property lists customized to fit your needs delivered as they hit the market.

Get Deep Discount Investment Properties Wholesale

Buying discount investment properties with us is simple.


We find you the perfect investment property at big wholesale discounts. Targeted to your needs and preferences.


We can connect you to a top provider of loans specifically for  fix & flip, or buy & hold goals. 


You fix the property, you can even use our extensive list of contractors and resources.


Flip your property for a quick profit, or keep it as a rental and collect cash flow for years.

What makes new western acquisitions the best way to acquire new investment properties?


Experienced & Licensed agents

Why waste your time looking for real estate deals when you can have our experienced agents find the best targeted property matches for your investment portfolio, delivered straight to you.


Built on careful analysis

Using our exclusive proprietary technology, our agents have scientifically mastered the art of the real estate investment property deal, connecting you with better opportunities, faster.


OFF-market properties

Our licensed and highly experienced agents will deliver properties on and off MLS. This gives you a 360 degree approach to finding the perfect investment property, and delivering you deals at up to 50% off market value.

Success Stories

Kimberly p.
"Good inventory and good deals. Excellent communication. Recommend for your investments."
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Elizabeth T.
"They helped us during the slow times...Great place to start for building rental portfolio."
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Matthew A.
"These guys are professional, hard workers who continually source solid, off-market investment opportunities."
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