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Warriors Wanted

Find your purpose. Create a long-term career path. Help your community. It’s what New Western warriors do every day. Join our team and help us continue to disrupt the real estate industry.

When you join a company that’s changing the game of real estate investing, opportunity follows. We’re experiencing unprecedented growth and need more motivated people to help us improve our communities one neighborhood at a time. We have a track record of promoting from within and our agents typically earn more in commissions than their peers working in traditional real estate brokerages. You’ll find at New Western, hard work never goes unnoticed or unrewarded.

Discover An Incredible Opportunity

Success Comes From
Any Background

Many of our most experienced agents and managers started their careers with nothing more than a willingness to learn and the drive to succeed. Those are the two major requirements to join our team. Looking for a new career? We’ll provide you with the tools, coaching, and resources needed to hit the ground running. Already licensed? Get ready for closings in days or weeks rather than months. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and we know those differences make our team that much stronger.

The road towards success has to begin somewhere after graduation and yours could start here. If you have a degree in finance, accounting, business, real estate, or another relevant profession, becoming a New Western Real Estate Investment Agent can set you up for long-term success in real estate.

You’ll earn while you learn the industry — That begins with obtaining your real estate license. You’ll need a license to be an investment sales agent and we’ll recommend several companies who can help you acquire it. We’ll teach you how to analyze investment opportunities, how to structure a deal, and how to build a portfolio.

You’ll have access to continuing education courses — These aren’t stale courses from so-called experts without real-world experience. Our live and on-demand courses are taught by New Western’s top-performing leaders from across the country.

You’ll get personal coaching and mentorship — Your broker, as well as top-performing agents in your office, will share their industry knowledge and advice to help you build your pipeline and perform at your best.

Like any job worth pursuing, you get back what you put in — As a sales agent, your income is based on your production. That means you can enjoy unlimited earning potential with no cap on commissions.

Our agents enjoy the freedom to work how they want — Experience a good balance between working at the office and working in the field while sharpening your skills and perfecting your craft.

If you’re comfortable in a sales role that requires you to build relationships, act quickly, and hold yourself accountable, all while helping make the community around you a better place to live, we’d love to talk with you.

Join The Team

Stuck in a job that isn’t you? We can help.

You’re already primed for success — If you have experience in sales, your skillset can easily translate over to becoming a real estate investment sales agent. Why? Because it is ultimately a sales role. We simply give you a more attractive asset to sell; a product people are hungry to buy in a market that is exploding.

We’ll help you break into real estate — You don’t need a real estate license to apply but you will need one to begin selling. We’ll point you in the right direction by recommending several different real estate education providers that can help you get licensed. Personal coaching and mentorship from your broker as well as top-performing agents will also help make your transition a seamless one. We’ll also provide the resources you need to build your pipeline quickly.

Foster your professional and personal growth — Even after you’ve hit your stride, we’ll help you continue to hone your skills. Our most successful agents embrace a growth mindset. Learn from the best in the company with live and on-demand continuing education courses taught by leaders across the country.

Never spend another day tethered to a desk — As an experienced sales professional, you know the effort it takes to succeed. What you may not realize is that success at New Western often happens outside the office. Our agents don’t spend their days sitting behind a desk. They enjoy a good balance between working in the office and working in the field evaluating homes, meeting investors, and looking for opportunity.

Join The Team

Looking to make a change? As a licensed real estate agent with several years of experience under your belt, you may be surprised at just how fast we move at New Western.

Prepare for faster closings, faster commissions, and more volume — We provide more properties, more convenience, and more opportunity to our investors. That translates to higher and faster earning potential for our agents compared to traditional brokerages. Our transactions typically close in days or weeks, not months.

We’re the largest private source of distressed investment properties in the nation — What inventory shortage? Our incredibly talented acquisition team scours the market and delivers a steady flow of properties for you to sell. And unlike a traditional brokerage, you’ll work with a large network of investors, not a handful of frustrated home shoppers.

Sharpen your skills with live and on-demand continuing education — These aren’t stale courses taught by instructors without real-world experience. Our courses are taught by New Western’s top-performing leaders from across the country.

If you’re looking to leverage your real estate experience in a new way for a company that is growing as fast as the industry, we’d love to talk with you.

Join The Team

Although we offer the largest private source of distressed investment properties in the nation and our licensed agents are primarily responsible for that, there is also a team behind the team; those who work at the corporate level offering support to offices around the country. Here’s your chance to join them.

Our growth equals your opportunity — Due to our unprecedented success, we’re looking for talented people who can fill a variety of roles. If you have a background in IT, finance, accounting, HR, or marketing, we’d love to talk with you.

You’ll have a chance to make a real and visible impact — You’d be joining a lean, nimble, close-knit team of professionals where your contributions can make a difference from day one. Who knows. With your professional background, you may even find yourself more interested in applying those skills working as a real estate investment agent in the field.

If you don’t find a role you’re interested in now, check back often because new positions are posted on a regular basis.

Join The Team

At New Western, we believe as long as you have the right mindset, a lack of experience can never hold you back from achieving your goals.

Drive matters more than experience — Many of our most successful agents started their careers at New Western with little more than a relentless desire to succeed. They may have had a service industry or retail background, but they had no previous experience in real estate. A few of them didn’t have college degrees, either. However, they didn’t let that stop them from pursuing a new career in an exploding industry.

We’ll help you learn the business — That starts with getting a license to become an investment sales agent and we’ll recommend several ways you can get yours. We’ll also coach you on how to analyze investment opportunities, how to structure a deal, and how to build a portfolio. In other words, we’ll give you the knowledge and tools you need to build a new, fulfilling career.

Enjoy unlimited earning potential — Due to the scale at which we operate and no cap on commissions, our agents earn more than a typical real estate agent. As our agents often say, you get out of this job what you put into it. And you have the freedom to enjoy a good balance between working in the office and in the field.

Interested in starting a new chapter in your career? We should talk.

Join The Team

“This company has given me so many opportunities to be successful. One reason why is because of the structure—top agents train newer agents in what it takes to be successful.”
Ezana Kavanaugh
Austin, TX

Embrace The Warrior Way

There are three fundamental values we hold ourselves to every day—principles that drive our team forward in pursuit of success we take pride in. These aren’t empty buzzwords, either. They are the standards we judge ourselves against. They influence not only our decisions but our actions.


We are relentlessly driven. We harness our determination to serve our investors. Passion and perseverance push us through all obstacles and distractions that stand in the way. Our resolve defines us and our strength of character keeps us moving when it’s easier to give up. We are uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence and unwavering in our belief that determination overcomes everything.


We do things the right way, even if that way is harder. Because we don’t cut corners. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We know honesty and candor are the most efficient way to manage unrealistic expectations, minimize frustrations, and build trust.


Competition brings out the best in us. We push each other to raise the bar at every turn. We channel our drive into winning experiences for our customers. We never stop learning and growing because there are always greater heights to reach. This burning desire to win is found on every level of our business model.

What Will You Do As A New Western Real Estate Investment Agent?

Network With Investors

Build relationships with local real estate investors through company-sourced leads, meet-ups, referrals, social media, lead generation and more.

Understand Investor Goals

Guide individual investors through the onboarding process to understand their goals, plans, and exit strategies.

Find Properties

Draw on a wide array of data and market knowledge to uncover distressed properties with untapped potential.

Match Investors To Properties

Identify opportunities that align with the investor’s strategy and provide property data for their consideration and analysis.

Maintain Expertise

Stay updated on local real estate trends as well as best practices, processes, and real estate regulations.

Guide Investors Through
The Closing Process

Work with your broker and team behind the scenes to eliminate obstacles and provide a fast, seamless process to close.

Support Investor Growth

Establish lasting relationships with investors by providing a steady flow of investment opportunities and helping them achieve their long-term investing goals.

We Work Hard, But That's Not All We Do

Don’t prioritize your schedule. Schedule your priorities. That’s what we do and that includes setting time aside to relax, recharge and reconnect. Throughout the year we make time for team-building events, celebrate milestones, serve our communities, and organize low-key real estate happy hours for investors, lenders, contractors and other industry professionals to network outside the office.

Because you should never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Our Agents Help
Change Lives

Macario Escamilla was interested in becoming a real estate investor. But more than that, the idea of turning an old house into a new home for a local family was something that excited him. He started his investment journey with New Western and over time built a long-lasting relationship with his New Western agent, Gabriel. We helped Macario fulfill his dreams by turning opportunity into freedom. More importantly, we helped him find a career with purpose. Who knows. One day you could help someone like Macario, too.

We're Making A Difference. Want To Help?

From Day One we’ve been different. We set out to disrupt an entire industry and did just that—we’re trailblazers who organized an erratic and fragmented market to create opportunity for home sellers, real estate investors, and our team.

We are also unconventional. Combined with an unrivaled work ethic, that means we get things done when others can’t.

For homeowners wanting a new chapter, for investors striving towards financial independence, for warriors seeking reward and purpose, we create opportunity.

If you want to be a part of improving your local neighborhoods and communities while finding personal fulfillment and growth, we’d love to hear from you.

In Their Own Words

Interested in a challenging but rewarding career? Here’s what people are saying about being a New Western Warrior.

“The opportunities that New Western provides are unlike any other company in the real estate industry and the culture is unmatched. It is fast-paced, exciting, and extremely rewarding.”
Erica Butters
Fort Worth, TX
“I don’t know of any other work environment where you’re surrounded by so many positive and driven people.”
Gabriel Esparza
San Antonio, TX
“Starting my career in real estate at New Western has been one of the best career decisions I have made.”
Punit Patel
St. Petersburg, FL
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