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Some companies say they want to inspire change in the world. Others say they want to make the world a better place. Well, New Western Acquisitions isn’t saying anything. We’re too busy doing. Join a team that makes a daily impact by disrupting the traditional real estate industry.

Opportunities at New Western Acquisitions

New Western Acquisitions is changing the game of real estate investment. We’re setting new standards and breaking through obstacles every day by challenging the status quo.

We're a team of investment real estate agents

At New Western Acquisitions, we are looking for motivated agents to join our team. We whole-heartedly believe in progressing agents from within the organization to management positions. Everyone in our local offices have started out as agents, even our General Managers and Brokers.

What does a New Western Acquisitions Investment real estate agent do?

Network with Investors

Cultivate relationships with local real estate investors through meet-ups, referrals, social media, lead generation, and more.

Find Properties

Locate single-family residences for your investors and their goals such as fix and flip, or fix and hold. 

Qualify Investment Deals

Leverage data and vetted metric to determine the potential value of a property pre and post rehab.

Property Liaison

Pair investors with their ideal properties based on careful goal analysis and property demographics for a fast sale.

Maintain Expertise

Maintain a working knowledge of local real estate activity  as well as best practices, processes, and real estate regulations.

Grow Investor Portfolio

Help investors achieve portfolio growth and financial independence through goal-setting and streamlined execution.

We Seek Warriors.

These are the characteristics and attributes that comprise a successful New Western Acquisitions team member — a New Western Acquisitions warrior. Being a New Western Acquisitions warrior means having enough boldness to leave your doubts behind and break through boundaries in the steadfast pursuit of success. Passion for your family, community, and goals will serve as your motivation.

A warrior answers the call of hard work with gumption. Nothing but success is accepted. Warriors don’t know how to do anything less than their best. 

A warrior is willing to accept responsibility for successes and failures, learning from every situation. They never forget they are part of a team— something bigger than themselves.

A warrior holds others in high esteem. They treat everyone with respect and carry themselves with pride.

A warrior is quick on their feet. Thinking creatively about situations and devising ways to overcome obstacles are skills that come naturally. 

A warrior takes action. They don’t wait for success, they go out and get it. 

A warrior understands that striving to be someone others want to be around will determine what they experience each day. They seek to infuse outgoing positivity into the world.

A warrior is tough. They can fight through and overcome even the most difficult situations.

Here's what you need to know
about New Western Acquisitions


New Western Acquisitions is many things.  We are bold, yet refined. We disrupt the industry, but stay sophisticated, modern and fresh. We care deeply about the community we help build. We are warriors.


We believe drive is a more accurate indicator of success than experience; the actual person trumps any carefully crafted resume. We look for candidates who exude a determination to fight for success.


Unconventional. Unlimited. Unapologetically different. Our unconventional methodology combined with a work ethic that exudes great determination means we get things done when others can’t.  


Being a New Western Acquisitions warrior means having enough boldness to leave your doubts behind; to break through boundaries in the steadfast pursuit of success.  A warrior makes an impact.

People Talk

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our warriors have to say about being an Investment Real Estate Agent with New Western Acquisitions.