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Investment Properties Previously Sold by New Western

a small white house sitting in the middle of a lush green yardAldan, PA
Purchase Price: $165,000.00
Resold Price: $275,000.00
a black truck parked in front of a white houseAldan, PA
Purchase Price: $179,000.00
Resold Price: $320,000.00
a house with a mailbox in front of itAlvin, TX
Purchase Price: $115,000.00
Resold Price: $180,000.00
a house with a car parked in front of itAntioch, TN
Purchase Price: $228,000.00
Resold Price: $360,000.00
a brick mailbox sitting in the middle of a yardArlington, TX
Purchase Price: $265,000.00
Resold Price: $420,000.00
a red truck parked in front of a houseArlington, TX
Purchase Price: $106,000.00
Resold Price: $195,000.00
a sidewalk in front of a large buildingArlington, VA
Purchase Price: $155,000.00
a red brick house in a wooded areaAtlanta, GA
Purchase Price: $129,075.00
Resold Price: $245,000.00
a small white house with a red awningAtlanta, GA
Purchase Price: $150,000.00
Resold Price: $340,000.00
a blue house with a tree in front of itAustin, TX
Purchase Price: $126,000.00
Resold Price: $220,000.00
a house in the woods with trees around itBailey, CO
Purchase Price: $170,599.00
Resold Price: $325,000.00
a bike is parked in front of a houseBala Cynwyd, PA
Purchase Price: $301,000.00
Resold Price: $600,000.00
a blue house with a white picket fenceSan Antonio, TX
Purchase Price: $227,900.00
Resold Price: $465,000.00
a small white house sitting on top of a grass covered fieldBartlett, TX
Purchase Price: $151,777.00
Resold Price: $235,000.00
a small white house sitting on the side of a roadBelmont, NC
Purchase Price: $193,000.00
Resold Price: $310,000.00
a house with a driveway in front of itBenbrook, TX
Purchase Price: $168,000.00
Resold Price: $260,000.00
a white house sitting on top of a lush green fieldBerlin, MA
Purchase Price: $260,000.00
Resold Price: $445,000.00
a brick house with a front porch and stairs leading up to the front doorBessemer, AL
Purchase Price: $127,500.00

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Finding the right investment property can be a challenge. As a real estate investment brokerage, New Western offers a vast inventory of value-rich properties for a variety of investment strategies.

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We provide easy access to opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise. We also work behind the scenes to eliminate problems, deliver a clear title and provide a fast, seamless process to close.

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A licensed New Western agent will work hard to deliver the type of residential investment properties that meet your unique goals, plans and exit strategy. We’re here to help every step of the way through closing.

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Our agents serve as your boots on the ground, drawing on a wide array of data and unmatched local market knowledge to consistently source the best investment properties for you.

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When you become a New Western certified buyer, you gain access to an incredible network of resources all focused on finding the best residential investment properties in your market — delivered straight to your inbox.

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We have hundreds of licensed agents around the country ready to help you find the perfect investment property. 

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We love working with Abel Herebia, he is very knowledgeable, professional, fast to reply to our questions and concerns. Highly recommend Abel. Also working with Ian Benedetti great team very approachable and friendly.

Hello I’m a new investor in the KCK area started working with new western about 3 weeks agent there was MR Dustin street I have to say with no doubt that this young men is going places in life very courteous attentive and above all a very respectful human being I would recommend Dustin Street for your new deals at New Western.Thank you for taking care of my needs..

I have been working with Caisen Sullivan for almost a year. He is responsive and extremely helpful. New Western is a great company for investors to partner with.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing an Investment Property

For centuries, real estate has been one of the best ways to invest: the asset is tangible, opportunities for purchasing are numerous, and the gains can be substantial. Getting into real estate in the first place, though, is no simple task. Knowing where to invest, what to invest in, and how to do it all can seem next to impossible for beginners.

New Western wants to simplify the whole process for you. From weighing your many options to finding your first investment property, we’re here to help. If real estate investing looks like the next move for you, here’s what you need to know:

“I spoke with several other companies at the same time I was talking with New Western, but what I found was a few just didn’t seem educated enough to answer my questions. I also noticed a lot of people would say anything to sell me an investment property. Even if what they said wasn’t 100% accurate. That’s a deal-breaker for me.”

Macario E.
Real Estate Investor

Types of Investment Properties

Before you take the leap into real estate investing, it’s important to know what exactly you’ll be investing in. Most new investors are focused on what they’ll eventually be doing with the property — and this guide gets to that later — but you need to start with the property itself first. Here are a few of the main types to look at:

Traditional Homes

This is what many people first think of when they think of real estate. Traditional homes and buildings, found through a realtor or online, sold at market value. While this is obviously the most common way that residential real estate is bought and sold, all of the third parties and intermediaries mean that it’s not always easy to turn a quick profit here.

Multi-Family Homes

Multi-family homes, with some of the most common being duplexes and quadruplexes, bridge the gap between traditional homes and larger apartment complexes. One of the draws of multi-family homes as an investment property is the opportunity for multiple streams of income via renting, or even using one of the available units as a residence.

Off-Market Properties

Off-market properties are just what they sound like: not currently available to any and all buyers, meaning that those who do have access to them are more likely to get good deals during the off-market phase. 

Flip & Wholesale Houses

Flip houses are homes in need of refurbishment, often in areas with growing property prices. Investors take on the cost and effort of the rehab and then resell for a profit relatively quickly. A wholesale house, much like a flip house, is a home that likely needs work to get it to its full potential value. A wholesaler has done the legwork to find the property and put it under contract with the seller and then will sell the contract to an investor who wants to fix-and-flip or fix-and-rent the property.

"Finding a great investment house is a large time investment. With a regular W-2 job, there’s often even less time to dedicate to finding properties."

John W.
Real Estate Investor

"We made the decision to work with New Western when we decided to start renovating houses to save our time and energy to rehab the properties. While we could make more money if we were to source the deals ourselves, we've found that working with suppliers, like New Western, saves us a significant amount of time in an area that's not our expertise. Now that we are more experienced, we have time to focus on managing multiple properties at a given time with leads on new properties still coming to our inboxes daily.

Compared to other investment property suppliers that we work with, NW offers the largest quantity of properties. We've also found that there tends to be a decent spread on the properties. NW also provides a good amount of details about the property in the info packet, so we can make an informed decision if we'd like to go see a house or if we'd like to pass."

Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Investing: The Basics

Now that you’ve got a sense of what kinds of residential properties are out there, it’s time to review the ins and outs of the investment process itself.

Is buying an investment property worth it?

Investing in real estate comes with a number of uncertainties: price fluctuations, tax code changes, natural disasters — the list goes on. The key thing to remember, though, is that in general, over time, property becomes more valuable. In July of last year, the average price of a sold home was $391,000; 50 years ago, it was $28,300. No investment is a sure thing, but real estate is just about as close as it gets.

What are some common real estate investment strategies?

With real estate, it’s not just a question of what you buy — it’s also what you do with it. Although not an exhaustive list, these are some of the most common ways investors make money from their properties:

  • Home Ownership
    • You could argue that every homeowner is a real estate investor because homes tend to become more valuable as time passes. Simply buying and maintaining a home is usually going to build on your initial investment.
  • Long-Term Rental
    • A popular way to earn passive income off of an investment property is through long-term rental properties — this is known as “buy and hold” investing. As long as the property remains well-kept and in good condition, it will continue to grow in value even as you collect rental payments. As an additional benefit, rental payments help pay down the property mortgage faster if you financed the purchase.
  • Short-Term Rental
    • The short-term rental property is exactly what it sounds like: a piece of real estate that you can let out to short-term renters who are looking for temporary stays, be it for business or pleasure. Based on the area and type of property involved, short-term rentals can prove to be highly lucrative over a relatively brief period of time.
  • Commercial Real Estate
    • The rental model is also true for commercial real estate properties, which you could lease out as office or retail space to businesses. The value of commercial real estate, however, is not tied as directly to the residential housing market as other investment properties are. This means that those interested in commercial real estate investments should do some reading up on the commercial properties market specifically.
  • House Flipping
    • House flipping is a great way to make a profit in real estate whether you’re new to the landscape or a veteran. The idea here is simple: people are willing to pay more for houses in good condition than those in bad condition. Buy a house in need of improvement, give it the attention it needs, and unlock its full potential when you resell.

How do real estate investment properties make money?

An important draw of real estate investing is passive property appreciation: houses and apartments tend to become more valuable over time, period. Most real estate investors like to accelerate this growth in value by either refurbishing their properties or renting them out, thus adding even more value to an already-valuable piece of real estate.

"Purchasing investment properties through a professional supplier, like New Western, can set you up for a successful real estate investment because, typically, these deals are scrutinized before they are presented to investors. So they are investor-friendly properties."

Pandu C.
Real Estate Investor

"New Western is one of the better, convenient, and appropriate (but not exclusive) channels to build your supply network of investment properties."

Real Estate Investor

Getting Started With Investment Properties

Now that you are more familiar with some of the kinds of real estate investments out there, you’re probably wondering which is the best approach for you as an investor. The answer is largely up to you:

Active vs. Passive Investing

Before you get started, it helps to evaluate your current situation and decide whether you want to be a passive or active investor. Passive investors are inclined towards long-term ownership and the aforementioned “buy-and-hold” strategy. After making the initial investment, passive investors usually do little beyond maintenance and upkeep as their property appreciates in value.

Active investing, on the other hand, usually means that the investor will work to increase the value of their property immediately after it’s purchased. While the active strategy obviously requires more direct work on your part, it also leads to greater returns in the short term.

What’s the best type of investment property to buy to get started?

Do you want to invest in residential properties, multi-family, commercial? Most investors start small and invest in single-family residential properties and then decide if they want to expand into other areas. 

For beginners, the best type of real estate investment is generally going to be the one you’re most comfortable with. It’s important not to go in too deep right at first: don’t overload yourself and try to buy too many properties all at once. 

Some investors choose to start out by wholesaling because it doesn’t take any capital to get started. However, wholesaling takes a lot of work and time, and it isn’t for everyone. Another avenue to get started is to find the properties with room to add value and then put in the work to unlock the “sweat equity” so you can flip them or refinance and rent.

Those who aren’t ready to buy a property outright may want to consider buying shares in a Real Estate Investment Group, or REIG. REIGs let you get in on the real estate market with a smaller initial cash barrier than most properties require, making them good options for new investors.

How do I find investment properties for sale?

When you’re looking for single-family or even small multi-family investment properties, you can work with a real estate agent or turn to online sites like Zillow to find properties listed on the MLS. However, these types of properties are usually priced higher and you have to compete with a larger pool of potential buyers. Any experienced investor will tell you off-market properties have greater potential upside. An off-market property usually has more untapped value, which means a greater potential margin for the investor willing to put in the work to claim it. When it comes to finding off-market investment properties, suppliers like New Western make it easy. Property suppliers do all the legwork, saving real estate investors the time, cost, and hassle of hunting down off-market properties themselves.

"It's very, very time consuming to find investment properties that are in my price range, ready to be flipped or in appropriate condition to be rented while repairs are made.

I tried searching websites like Zillow for listed properties but they always sold before I found them. Only once was luck and timing on my side and found a property before it went on the market with minimal repairs after months of searching.

Buying investment houses and getting the info early on a property and at a great price is very sensible. Currently, rental properties are a great income source for me. Since affordable homes are difficult to find, it's pretty fast profit to buy, rehab, and sell these days. I knew I was ready to invest in something other than a savings account or the stock market. Banks and CDs are paying very little interest.

New Western has an amazing assortment of investment properties. There are enough properties to choose from that you can find something in the location that appeals to you. I have been very happy with my first investment - New Western made the whole process very smooth, they are very responsive, and I look forward to more investments in the future."

René D.
Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Investing Tips

If you feel ready to jump right into the world of real estate investing, make sure you’ve got all the knowledge you need on your side first. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you set out on your investment journey:

Know the tax rules.

Real estate and property taxes can be complicated. The last thing you want is to be a year into your investing journey before realizing that you’ve overlooked a crucial tax rule that alters your balance sheets.

Do your research ahead of time.

Being successful in real estate investing is all about doing your due diligence. Make sure that all of your buys are a part of your overall investment strategy. Just because something is on the market doesn’t mean it’s right for you, and it’s up to you to figure that out before you sign on the dotted line.

Be aware of local laws and regulations.

Different states, cities, and counties have different laws outlining what can be done to certain properties and how. Before you buy, make sure your plan for your property is in compliance with local regulations.

Think long-term.

Even though flip houses can get you some cash quickly, real estate is ultimately going to be a long-term game. Don’t panic if the local market goes down in a given year — just continue to trust in the long arc towards profitability.

Respect the expertise of others.

If you’re just getting into real estate investing for the first time, be ready to listen. Contractors and inspectors will give you invaluable insight into the properties you’re looking at; that insight could be the deciding factor when it comes to determining what direction you want to take with a certain property.

Account for and minimize risks.

Being a real estate investor means incurring a fair degree of risk: markets go up and down, inspections can uncover hidden damage, and contract work can incur greater costs than initially expected. Know what your risk exposure is and keep your portfolio as diverse as possible in order to minimize them.

Stay within your budget.

Real estate is the same as any other kind of investment: you don’t want to go all in on a single buy. Keep well within your budget so that a potential downturn in the market or environmental externality doesn’t tank your entire portfolio. While this can be very difficult advice to follow, let the numbers be your guide and don’t get emotional about a property. Also, make sure you always have a contingency budget because no rehab goes exactly as expected.

You might be hesitant at first, but the world of investment properties is accessible and lucrative. If you’re wondering how to break into it yourself, get started with New Western today to tap into the largest private source of investment properties in the nation.

Have more questions? We have more answers.

What are the benefits of working with a real estate investment brokerage?

A good investor eventually uses several different sources to acquire investment properties. Working with New Western will increase the number of properties you can analyze in a local market at any given moment. In other words, we’re simply another source of inventory.

How much does it cost to do business with New Western?

There are no membership dues or upfront fees required to work with us. Like typical real estate transactions, there are closing costs and associated fees when you purchase one of our investment properties. These costs vary depending on the property itself as well as the local market you’re investing in. One of our local associates can provide cost details in your specific market during your onboarding meeting.

What level of investors does New Western work with?

We work with every level and type of investor. Although the majority of the investors we work with are experienced, it’s not a requirement. We work with investors that are starting their first project as well as institutional buyers that purchase thousands of investment homes.

How do I gain access to your inventory?

After an initial virtual or in-person onboarding meeting, you will have access to our vast inventory of properties. Our associates will explain in detail how our properties are sold and how the transactions will be structured during that initial meeting.

How much cash do I need to buy a house?

It depends. Factors that influence how much cash you need include the market, the lender and the degree of work the distressed property requires. Investors need a down payment to purchase the property, money left in reserve for carrying costs (like interest, taxes and insurance) and enough capital to repair the property.