Oh, Boo. Did I Just Buy a Haunted House?

With Halloween around the corner, decorations are popping up in yards and lining streets with their quaint spooky-ness. Children are designing their costumes and finalizing their trick-or-treat plans of attack. While the holiday is that of harmless fun, Halloween might not be such a treat for some homeowners who have an actual haunted property. How exactly should one go about decorating a house that has its own, real-life resident ghost? In the “spirit” of the season (pun intended), and for a little bit of… continue reading

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How To Balance Part-Time Real Estate Investing With A Full-Time Life.

Investors are always on-the-go. Real estate investing, it seems, is an industry that proves to be an engine of wealth, but a time-consuming challenge that is always a hustle. So what if you are a part-time real estate investor on the side and still have to balance your full-time job? Is it possible to have a healthy balance between the world of real estate investment and a 9 – 5 career? Are there even enough hours in a day? While you might have your… continue reading

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