Flipping is back: so get in the game


We all remember the panic, the uncertainty, the unpredictability of the 2008 crisis. We were all affected, but some felt the sting more than others: namely, those in real estate. Property investors, flippers, homeowners, and buyers were left wary and weak in the knees. Now, times have definitely changed. That infamous “bubble” has popped, and real estate investments are beginning to be pursued without hesitancy. 

But perhaps you are still left wondering how beneficial it would be to continue investing in the housing market? The truth is, these days, the market for flipping property is more rational than ever. In a bleak market where good opportunities seem scarce, there is hope on the horizon for those who are still looking for a beneficial investment opportunity.


Before 2008, and during the glorious bubble years, it was not difficult to find a house to flip. Homebuyers were within reach of zero-down financing, and suddenly everyone was an investor. These amateur investors would buy several homes without any cost upfront, appropriately restore them, then sell them at a profit. Ah, the good old days of when flipping a house was “easy”, profitable, and not riddled with anxiety.


To invest, or not to invest?


Those who are still on the fence about whether or not to invest in property buying or house flipping, are understandably under pressure. Everyone is uncertain of the betterment or the possible decline of the situation. Their questions linger: if they wait to make their purchase, could their buying situation worsen later?  If they invest now, would the rising market prices have made waiting a better option?


The answer is surprising: we’re no longer seeing cases where cheap loans inflate prices across the board. These days, flippers can find properties that are likely to increase in value over six months of rehabbing, and finally put that much desired money into their pockets right now. But how can this be?


Think of it this way: in the short term, this interest rate hike will actually spur the housing market.It’s a common public presumption (due to economic lessons learned in the past) that once these rates begin to increase, they will keep increasing. This type of event will, naturally, attract attention, and in the end, those people who have been considering buying a house will go ahead and make the plunge.


Flippers: get on your marks, and get set.


In previous years, it was relatively easy to profit from a real estate investment since prices were rising so rapidly. But these days, that can be a challenge. Today’s market, as temperamental as it may be, tends to have more realistic prices. In order to succeed, flippers will need to look harder for the right houses, and, as always, be cautious.


In addition to all the other costs involved in buying, rehabbing, and selling a home, you’ll have to also consider the financing costs. Will you need to take out a loan to complete the purchase? If so, you’ll have to shop around to find the best brokerage company that will work with you.


Your homework just got a lot easier.


In order to pull this off, your ideal brokerage company needs to know what they’re doing, work quickly, and actually care about what you want in the endgame. For this, and much more of the nitty-gritties that comes with house flipping, working with New Western Acquisitions is the best move you could make.


Say you are an aspiring landlord, and you want to flip a house. If you don’t know which property you want, New Western Acquisitions’ agents will find the perfect investment property for you. Here’s the kicker, these properties are actually sought out and suggested after NWA’s agents have actually take into account all of your needs and preferences.