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Christine Bartsch
Real Estate Author

Christine Bartsch blends the worlds of art, design, and writing with an elegance that reflects her multifaceted background. Holding an MFA in creative writing from Spalding University, Christine's journey into the literary world began in 2007, marking the start of a career that would see her become a voice of authority in interior design content.

But Christine's expertise extends beyond the written word. As a former art and design instructor, she possesses a deep understanding of aesthetics and the principles of design. This experience lends a unique richness to her writing, allowing her to craft content that resonates with both the casual reader and the design connoisseur.

Christine's work has been featured by prominent companies including USA Today and Houzz, a testament to her ability to translate complex design ideas into accessible and engaging prose. Whether she's exploring the latest design trends or offering insights into timeless classics, Christine's writing embodies a blend of artistic sensibility and scholarly insight.

In Christine Bartsch, readers find not just a writer but an educator and design enthusiast whose words illuminate the world of interior design, providing inspiration and guidance to those looking to transform their living spaces.

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