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Tina Brenkus
Lead Content Manager

Tina Brenkus embodies the multifaceted nature of the real estate world. As a licensed real estate agent in Texas, investor, Airbnb owner, land expert, and farmland owner, she brings a wealth of diverse experience to the table. Her knowledge spans the broad spectrum of real estate, from urban properties to rural farmland, and her passion for the subject is evident in everything she does.

But Tina's work goes beyond mere transactions and investments. She digs deep, tirelessly researching and uncovering essential information that every real estate investor should know. Whether it's dealing with county government, navigating permits, understanding ag exemptions, or even managing cows, bees, and gardens, Tina's experiences provide invaluable insights. Her list of areas of expertise continues to grow, reflecting her commitment to continuous learning and growth in her field.

Alongside her real estate prowess, Tina is a seasoned writer and content creator. Her professional writing journey includes working for notable companies such as Yahoo, NBC Universal, and Best Buy. More than that, she has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs, startups, and fellow real estate agents launch their businesses. Her writing isn't just informative; it's filled with personal anecdotes and practical advice, making it both engaging and educational.

Tina Brenkus is more than a real estate professional; she's a guiding force for anyone looking to explore the vast world of property investment. Her combination of professional expertise and personal connection to the subject sets her apart, making her a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand or invest in real estate.

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