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1717 Woodstead Court, Suite 115
The Woodlands, TX 77380

The Woodlands, just 28 miles north of Downtown Houston, has experienced incredible growth over the last two decades. The number of families moving to the area offers a unique wholesale real estate environment.  In addition, the number of corporate headquarters of national companies that have moved to The Woodlands means the influx of homeowners will continue to grow. 

Investors who buy distressed or foreclosed homes to fix and flip or fix and hold can benefit from the area’s growth. So, naturally, The Woodlands and all of North Houston is a great place to build a strong investment portfolio. New Western is ready to help you succeed.

New Western has the goal of finding you a great deal on your investment property in The Woodlands, and brings their connections to you.

New Western is one of the real estate market’s best providers of wholesale properties.  We provide unmatched acquisition services to house flippers, real estate investors, and landlords so they can take advantage of the real estate market in North Houston.  New Western creates a supply of investment properties to help meet demand, and, most importantly, allow you to earn a substantial profit.

Whether you are a real estate investor looking to fix and flip, or a landlord wanting to rent properties, our New Western office in The Woodlands is ready to provide you with pre-screened, off-market investment homes at great discounts. 

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