Meet Our
Leadership Team

Stuart Denyer
Co-Founder and CEO

Stuart Denyer is co-founder and CEO of New Western, an innovative marketplace with the largest private source of residential investment properties in the nation.

Denyer has changed the way residential investment properties are bought and sold. Launching New Western fifteen years ago at the height of the 2008 housing crisis, Stuart and his team leveraged data to help identify investment opportunities and transform a typical transaction that took weeks to close into a matter of minutes. Today, he’s running a premier platform for over 150,000 investors in need of fix-and-flip and fix-and-rent residential investment properties in the U.S., launching new finance offerings for investors and lenders, actively expanding into new markets across the country, and building an enviable internal culture that continues to grow.

Denyer holds a bachelor’s degree in business and management studies from St. Mary’s University in London and is a licensed mortgage and real estate broker.

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