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How It Works

The Podium program was designed for real estate agents to increase deal flow and create new revenue generating opportunities.

For the transaction to earn the 2% referral fee, you must refer a property that has not been previously referred to New Western within the past 180 days.

Submit your property in the form above.

Work with the New Western Agent on a cash offer for this property.

Close the deal and get paid. Payments will be made at closing. 

Other Qualifications

You must have an active license in good standing.

You must be affiliated with a brokerage to receive referral payments at closing.

Submit properties that align with New Western’s buying criteria.
(work with your local New Western office for more details)

Podium Benefits

Agents earn a referral fee on pre-market listings brought to us by an agent.

Get a referral fee on all off-market properties.

Sellers receive a credible as-is, quick close option with New Western cash offers.

Increase your deal flow and lead generation opportunities.

New source of revenue for your brokerage as non-traditional properties new earning opportunities.

Win more business as a consultative problem-solver and provide more value for your clients.

Questions? Look Here

How do I join the program?

Submit a request to join the Podium program on the form above and agree to the terms and conditions.

How do I qualify for 2% referral fee?

1. Have an active license in good standing
2. Refer a property that hasn’t been referred over to New Western in the past 180 days 
3. The transaction must close - payments will be made at closing