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Kayla at New Western has been so easy to work with. She listens to what I am looking for and always thinks of me when a property comes across her desk that fits my needs. THANK YOU to Kayla and New Western for making sure I have a constant deal flow to be able to expand my fix and flip business!

Chris D.

I have purchased several flip houses from New Western agents. They have been very good to work with and honest with their assessments of the houses. I have done well with the properties that I purchased and flipped. I look forward to working with New Western more in the future.

Carl Richards

Our first real estate investment venture has been fascinating and educational. Initially, we had many questions, fears and reservations. Working with Zach has been nothing less than fantastic. Zach was patient, professional and enthusiastic from the first step (finding our first property) to the last (selling the first property). Zach made us feel like family in that he had our best interest at heart through the entire process and believed in us completely. We are pleased to be working with Zach and his team at New Western Acquisitions towards meeting our financial goals. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

John and Alecia Martinez

My experience with Vo was a pleasure right from the start. He was professional and sincere in our first meeting at the office – He was even prepared for our meeting with some current properties and some real examples of what others had done. Then he patiently invited me to every open house and encouraged me with homes that met my requirements. It took months but we finally closed on a great property in Carrollton. That was May 7th and now 7 weeks later that home has been remodeled and on the market – we are under budget and very proud of our beautiful updated home. We just listed on Wed. and had a lot of interest – don’t think we’ll have any problems getting our asking price or higher. Vo always did what he said he would, kept all his appointments and is someone that I trust. I won’t hesitate to buy from him again.

Suzie Kuddes

It’s been great working with Nick on the several properties that I have acquired from New Western. Thanks for your promptness in showing properties in short notice. I also appreciate your effort in making sure we close on time. I am looking forward to continually growing the relationship I have established with New Western. Thanks for being on my team.

Fred Muya

It’s been a pleasure working with Matt and New Western during the acquisition of my first rehab project. Matt is a true professional in all aspects of his job. In a short amount of time he was able to find a property that fit my criteria and walk me through the whole acquisition process. He was and continues to be easily accessible, quickly responding anytime I have questions or want to see a property. He and all of the New Western crew are completely up front and open with their process, which made it easy to accurately calculate the acquisition costs. I always felt that Matt was on my side, pushing the title company and continually keeping me apprised of the status, even when we hit a small issue during the closing. I recommend Matt to anyone who is searching for a good investment property! Thanks Matt and New Western, for your hard work and dedication!

Peggy Munkelt

Covid-19 Update: Wholesale properties are absolutely available.