How Much do Property Managers Charge?: Numbers for Every Major City and State

How Much do Property Managers Charge?: Numbers for Every Major City and State


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Introduction to Property Management Costs

Real estate investing is much more than just purchasing a property. For the savvy investor, understanding the full scope of expenses associated with owning rental properties is crucial. One of these key costs is property management fees. If you’re considering handing over the day-to-day operations of your rental property to a professional, this guide will shed light on what you might expect to pay across different regions in the U.S.

How Much Do Property Managers Charge?

Property managers typically charge a percentage of the monthly rent as their fee, although there are also other fee structures like flat fees. On average, these charges range from 5% to 12% of the monthly rent, but the actual rate can vary based on location, the services provided, and the number of properties under management.

Scroll to the end of the post to see a full list of average property management costs for every state and major city in the United States.

National Average Monthly Cost
Nationally, around $250 per month is the nor per property, though some property managers give discounts for multiple properties managed. Also, multi-family properties are usually charged a higher rate than a single family residence2.

Factors Influencing Property Management Fees

  1. Location of Property: Urban areas with higher living costs might have higher fees.
  2. Number of Units Managed: Owning multiple properties might earn you a discount.
  3. Services Included: Comprehensive services like maintenance, tenant screening, and legal assistance can increase costs.

Why Understanding These Costs Matters

When you’re in the realm of real estate investment, being well-versed with the ongoing costs is paramount. Here’s why:

  1. Budgeting and Forecasting: Accurate budgeting can significantly influence your ROI.
  2. Property Selection: If two properties have similar expected returns, but one is in an area with higher management fees, the choice becomes clearer.
  3. Negotiating Power: Knowing average fees can give you an edge when negotiating with property managers.


  • How are property management fees calculated?
    • Typically as a percentage of the monthly rent, but flat fees are also common. Make sure you ask the property management company how they calculate their fees in various situations.
  • Can I negotiate property management fees?
    • Yes, especially if you have multiple properties or if the market competition is high. It doesn’t hurt to try to make a deal to save yourself some money.
  • Are higher fees indicative of better services?
    • Not necessarily. It’s essential to evaluate the services offered and check reviews or references.
  • Do I need a property manager if I own just one rental property?
    • It depends on your comfort level in managing tenants, maintenance, and other responsibilities. Some investors prefer to start with a manager even for a single property. The farther you live from your rental property, the more helpful and logical it becomes to have someone else manage it for you. Your time and cost in traveling to the property should be factored in when making your decision.
  • Can property management fees be deducted in tax filings?
    • Typically, these fees can be deducted as a rental business expense, but always consult with a tax professional.
  • How can I ensure I’m not overpaying for rental property management?
    • Regularly review your fees in comparison to the average in your area and discuss any discrepancies with your property manager. We also highly recommend talking to other rental property owners in the area to ask them about what they pay and their experience.

Average Monthly Property Management Cost by State

StateAverage Monthly Cost
New Hampshire$238
New Jersey$265
New Mexico$230
New York$280
North Carolina$245
North Dakota$220
Rhode Island$260
South Carolina$238
South Dakota$218
West Virginia$220


Monthly Property Management Cost for the Top 100 U.S. Cities (Alphabetical Order)

CityAverage Monthly Cost
Albuquerque, NM$230
Anaheim, CA$270
Anchorage, AK$260
Arlington, TX$250
Atlanta, GA$255
Aurora, CO$252
Austin, TX$255
Bakersfield, CA$245
Baltimore, MD$275
Boise, ID$238
Boston, MA$290
Buffalo, NY$245
Chandler, AZ$245
Charlotte, NC$250
Chesapeake, VA$245
Chicago, IL$295
Chula Vista, CA$255
Cincinnati, OH$245
Cleveland, OH$240
Colorado Springs, CO$250
Columbus, OH$248
Corpus Christi, TX$240
Dallas, TX$265
Denver, CO$265
Detroit, MI$240
Durham, NC$242
El Paso, TX$240
Fort Wayne, IN$235
Fort Worth, TX$255
Fremont, CA$270
Fresno, CA$245
Garland, TX$248
Gilbert, AZ$248
Glendale, AZ$242
Greensboro, NC$238
Henderson, NV$255
Hialeah, FL$260
Honolulu, HI$290
Houston, TX$270
Indianapolis, IN$240
Irvine, CA$270
Irving, TX$255
Jacksonville, FL$245
Jersey City, NJ$280
Kansas City, MO$245
Laredo, TX$230
Las Vegas, NV$260
Lexington, KY$245
Lincoln, NE$230
Long Beach, CA$280
Los Angeles, CA$310
Lubbock, TX$232
Madison, WI$248
Memphis, TN$245
Mesa, AZ$240
Miami, FL$275
Milwaukee, WI$245
Minneapolis, MN$255
Nashville, TN$252
New Orleans, LA$260
New York, NY$320
Newark, NJ$275
Norfolk, VA$250
North Las Vegas, NV$248
Oakland, CA$275
Oklahoma City, OK$238
Omaha, NE$230
Orlando, FL$260
Philadelphia, PA$280
Phoenix, AZ$250
Pittsburgh, PA$250
Plano, TX$255
Portland, OR$265
Raleigh, NC$245
Reno, NV$250
Riverside, CA$255
Sacramento, CA$260
San Antonio, TX$260
San Diego, CA$305
San Francisco, CA$325
San Jose, CA$315
Santa Ana, CA$265
Scottsdale, AZ$255
Seattle, WA$290
St. Louis, MO$240
St. Petersburg, FL$258
Stockton, CA$250
Tampa, FL$260
Toledo, OH$238
Tucson, AZ$235
Tulsa, OK$235
Virginia Beach, VA$255
Washington, DC$305
Wichita, KS$228
Winston-Salem, NC$240

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